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Winter Meetings Open Thread 12/10/14: READ MY FAX - Lester to the Cubs in 2015

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The long wait is over. The Cubs, also known as 'not the Red Sox,' have signed Jon Lester to a six year, $155 million dollar deal. Perhaps Back to the Future 2 did not lie to us any more than it already has. Pitchers and catchers report in 71 days.

"Boston? Hahahaha, nope. Not going back there!"
"Boston? Hahahaha, nope. Not going back there!"
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's Day Three of the Winter Meetings, currently taking place in San Diego this year. The Yankees have yet to make any majors moves, although one could be coming soon. With Jon Lester now on his way to the Chicago Cubs for 2015, the market for Max Scherzer just got a whole lot more interesting. Rumor has it that Scherzer wants money in the $200+ million range. Well, we all want things. Needless to say, the Yankees could still use a starter or two. Get it done, Cash.

Comments of the Day

Harlan brings up a very good point about the A's.

Billy Beane is no Ninja Cash though.

It's funny to think that Mariano Rivera could potentially still be pitching today, if he really wanted to.

Judging by the 200+ comments in that thread, my work here is clearly done.

Harlan brings up a very good point about the QO.

Harlan brings up a very good point about long term deals.

Betances and Miller should do very well next year.

Mike Mussina should be in the Hall of Fame. That is all.

Harlan brings up a very good point about Mussina's Hall of Fame eligibility.

You know, we have some strange discussions on Pinstripe Alley sometimes.

Matt Freedom has an Infanite number of jokes!

Yeah, we should probably re-sign Brandon McCarthy.

Harlan brings up a very good point about McCarthy's value

GIF of the Day

In honor of the Cubs signing Lester, the number one threat to America....BEARS!

Honorable Mod Mention

Haha, judging by the amount of Rec's that Matt Providence's comment received, clearly I've been hornswoggled. Definitely an honorable feat!

Fun Questions
  • Winter Meetings: Where do you think Max Scherzer winds up now that Lester is a Cubbie?
  • What technology from Back to the Future 2 do you wish we were getting next year?
Song of the Day

As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

Please use this as your Open Thread for discussing the Winter Meetings. What are you hoping to see from the Yankees today now that Jon Lester is off the table? What kind of deal do you think Max Scherzer gets now? What do you think the Red Sox will do about pitching now?