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Pinstripe Q&A: Which Yankee could brave the cold and snow?

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Don't get eaten by the SkiFree monster.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure what the weather was like where you live, but this week it was cold here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We saw our first snowfall of the winter and low temperatures pretty much all week. The Yankees are always on my mind, and for the past couple days, so was the cold. So for this week's Q&A question, I've combined them and asked the PSA staff which Yankee they think could best survive the cold.

Q: As we enter the harsh, cold winter months, what Yankee would you most want to be stranded with should you get lost on snowmobiles?


Normally I'd say Brett Gardner, because he's Brett Gardner. However, being that we've seen and heard of things like 6 feet of snow, Dellin Betances is probably the more logical choice! However, if Mike Zagurski were still on the team, I'd choose him since his neck girth could serve as a blanket!


I think I'd rather be stranded with one of the Yankee girlfriends...

I guess I choose Michael Pineda. Worse comes to worst, I can always use him Skywalker-style, like a tauntaun.


Since Adam Warren is no stranger to a Han Solo impersonation I'd go with him. Should we get stranded he could use my light saber to slice open a dead tauntaun, complain about how bad it smells, and keep us warm until we're rescued by the Rogue Squadron.


As we enter the harsh, cold winter months, the Yankee that I would most want to be stranded with should I get lost on snowmobiles would be Brett Gardner. Brett Gardner grew up on a farm and in general, farmers are tough people with a great work ethic. Second, he is an avid hunter, so he would be able to hunt for food. Last but not least, he was a walk-on for his college baseball team, which shows that he has determination.


Alex Rodriguez. He'd be the one who'd be most likely to get the media putting all of their search resources in the air, so I'd be found for sure.

Also when I got back I could look forward to another saga between him and the Steinbrenners/MLB when it's alleged that getting lost on snowmobiles was in breach of his contact and/or part of a devious plot to acquire and distribute PED's


I would have gone with Derek Jeter - he'd intangible us right out of that situation. CC Sabathia is also a possibility...he'd keep me sustained the longest if we had to resort to cannibalism. But now that Jete retired and CC shed a few pounds, I'll say Brett Gardner. I feel like all the grittiness and guttiness would translate well into wilderness survival skills.


Fat CC, so I can cut him open and stay warm inside him like a Tauntaun.


I have to go with Chase Headley, guy is from rural Colorado so I would say there is a good chance he has more than a little experience outdoors. That will come in handy if we got lost and needed to survive in a cold climate.


Masahiro Tanaka has to be the answer. Nothing seems to bother him, so why should the threat of getting lost?


Mark Teixeira. I don't know how long we will last, but the juice in his knapsack should keep us strong for a while. Plus, at least it wouldn't get boring as he will always be trying new stand-up material on me. I mean, have you seen that honey bit? This guy is hilarious.

Matt F.

I'd be worried about Teixeira going slightly stir crazy and try to draw lines of honey all over the mountain in some half-baked, insane attempt to get us found.

My answer is, despite him being from the warm climate of Venezuela, Martin Prado. We know he's versatile. I feel like he would wander off as I try to fix the snowmobiles and come back two hours later with some kind of animal meat, coats made of said animal's fur and a working snowmobile engine he fashioned out of wood.

Well, those are our answers, so now, it's your turn. Which Yankee do you think would be most helpful in braving the cold?