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Pinstripe Q&A: How to pass the time in the offseason

What are these inferior other sports and why aren't they baseball?

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So the baseball season is over. I won't say that it seems like just yesterday that it was Opening Day, because it doesn't seem that way anymore. (To me, it seems like it was just yesterday that I helped my grandparents move stuff so they can get new carpeting. Mainly because that was yesterday.) But the 2014 baseball season did seem to fly by rather quickly. Thankfully, due to the steady rate at which time passes, it won't be that long until the 2015 season will start. But we still have a few months to wait. So, I thought I'd ask our panel how they would be passing the time until baseball starts again.

Q: Now that the baseball season is over, how will you be passing the time until pitchers and catchers report?


I will be watching the Giants and Devils (likely) disappoint me as well, in addition to writing far too much about players the Yankees probably won't acquire. #BloggerLife


Mainly, writing about baseball and penguins on Pinstripe Alley.

I've got some reading to get done this offseason, too.
The Prisoner, The Fugitive and Time Regained. Sons and Lovers. Underworld. Maybe take another run at V. or Gravity's Rainbow.

Plus, I have a whole new season of Doctor Who to obsessively rewatch.


November 15th: Obsess over what moves the Yankees should make.
November 30th: Obsess over why said moves haven't been made yet.
December 15th: When different moves are made, complain about them.
February 1st: Convince myself that the Yankees are, in fact, mortal locks to win the 2015 World Series.


1) Spending more time with my family.

2) Enjoying the holidays as they're fast approaching

3) Planning my 2015 scouting road trips for the farm system.

4) Sharpening my writing skills.

5) Broadening my contact base throughout the baseball industry.

6) Following all Yankees news and process the information accordingly.

7) Working tirelessly to provide a better experience for the Pinstripe Alley follower.


I will be looking to hone my crime fighting techniques through vigorous training. I plan on buying a Salmon Ladder to help tone my abs!


I will be passing the time by obsessively checking in on baseball rumors and news involving the Yankees, because going to work and being a good member of society is overrated. I will also distract myself by watching basketball. No, I won't. I'm not that desperate.


I will be in stasis sleep until the time is right. See you all in 2015.


I'll be trying to acquire a baby penguin, searching for an actual adult job, cheering on the Tar Heels, working insanely late hours to write and edit articles about everything the Yankees do, lots of Netflix, and trying desperately to always be unavailable when it's time for Pinstripe Alley to write anything about Alex Rodriguez's return.

Matt F.

Well, I wanted to hibernate, but I wasn't allowed to build a stick fort in the backyard and I had to dig back up that pizza I buried. Whatever.

Thankfully, I do have teams in other sports to root for/get greatly disappointed by. That'll probably lead to some dumb jokes about those teams/sports. Then there will be some dumb jokes about current events. After that, there will be some dumb jokes about the free agents and acquisitions made across baseball. (Fingers crossed for what you're gonna do, Amaro.) Then suddenly, I'll look up and it'll be February. Which will mean it'll be time for some dumb jokes about baseball and the Yankees.

So those are our answers, and now it's your turn. What will you be doing in the offseason? Wanna come hibernate?