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Finding entertainment in the offseason's potential for crazy trades, big signings, and more

We can survive the winter.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The World Series took seven games, and we should be grateful because now we have to endure five months without any baseball. However, we shouldn't hang our heads low and cry, at least not in public, as that should be reserved for showers and on the phone with your mom/therapist. We should see the bright side of things as well. The offseason always brings excitement with free agent signings, wild and surprising trades. and crazy rumors. And this offseason shouldn't be any different. It is always fun knowing that come 2015, so many ballplayers will be with new teams. Here are some things to look forward to and distract you from the long winter until opening day.

Big free agents

It will be interesting to see where big time free agents like Max Scherzer and Jon Lester end up. Does Lester end up on the Yankees? He's a reliable lefty who is great in the postseason and one whose stuff could age well a la Andy Pettitte. Does Lester end up on the Cubs or back with the Red Sox perhaps? What about Pablo Sandoval? Will James Shields' postseason performance hurt his value? What will be some of the contracts these free agents will receive? Will I ever stop asking questions? Doubtful...or is it? We can also look forward to seeing which team goes all out and opens up its wallets. The Cubs might be that team, so look out for them. And also look out for another offseason filled with Harold Reynolds and his "analysis."

Trades galore

There always seems to be one crazy trade that no one sees coming and that always makes things exciting. Maybe Jose Reyes will be sent packing, or maybe the Yankees will be the one making the big trade by sending off one of their numerous catchers or young players. Does Giancarlo Stanton get moved or will the Marlins lock him up long term? Do the Yankees make a trade for Derek Jeter's replacement? Think of this as the same as the summer's trade deadline hoopla, but extended and far more interesting. It is a guarantee that players will be changing uniforms, but a chance for a surprised trade always seems to be in the works.

The first domino

Everyone will be waiting for the first domino to fall, the first person who allows for the rest to follow suit. It could very well be someone like Brandon McCarthy, who should be signed by the Yankees if only for his Twitter talents, or maybe someone like Chase Headley. It will be interesting to see where Headley ends up especially if it is true that both the Red Sox and Yankees are interested in his services.


Ah, yes. The time is here again for the hoopla surrounding Alex Rodriguez to begin again. Expect the media to follow A-Rod's every step all the way up to spring training. Although you shouldn't expect A-Rod to be cut loose, as that seems very unlikely to happen. So let's embrace all that will come with his return. Could be positive. Who knows?

New commissioner, New rules

Bud Selig's terror reign is finally over, so with that, a new commissioner, Rob Manfred, will step up. We may very well see the same song and dance, but new changes could occur as well. Look for the replay situation to be the first that is altered even more.

Which aspect of the offseason are you most looking forward to keeping you distracted from the long winter?