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Help us choose the most regrettable Yankees moment of 2014

Which Yankees moment this year was the most depressing and/or cringe-inducing?

Jonathan Daniel

Our next category, as part of the SB Nation MLB GIF Awards, is the most regrettable moment of the season. We have given you five GIFs that we felt embodied the single most regrettable and terrible and depressing moments of the season. It is your job to decide which was the worst (or best?).

Cesar Cabral ejected for safety

Cabral HBP

It takes a special kind of suck to accomplish something like this. Managers usually take out their relievers when they clearly have no control, but not Joe Girardi, so we have to give him credit for allowing this to happen. Cabral was so bad that they designated him for assignment directly after the game and this could end up being his last big league appearance. What a legacy. At the time, this was embarrassing and kind of scary to watch. Thankfully, no one got hurt, so now it's honestly kind of hilarious.

Kelly Johnson and Derek Jeter combo error

KJ Jeter error

This was Opening Day. OPENING DAY. We should have known to shut down the season then and there. This was pretty brutal to watch. It was a moment that encompassed everything that was wrong with the Yankees' infield defense into one play. We saw Derek Jeter's DEFEN2E and Kelly Johnson's inability to figure out third base. We also have a Vidal Nuno sighting!

The Rob Thomson Memorial Windmill

Thomson windmill

Good old Rob Thomson and his amazing ability to be terrible at a simple job. You'd think that at some point you'd learn your lesson, or at least be fired for not. NOPE. This was also an odd moment where Stephen Drew forgot that you're still allowed to bowl over the catcher if he's in the way, instead of aimlessly falling into him. I did a full breakdown of this play right after it happened.

Shane Greene doesn't know what PFP means

Greene errors

As great as Shane Greene proved to be, this was a pretty terrible part of his season. He committed two errors in the second inning and another in the fourth on his way to surrendering four runs on five hits over 5.2 innings. This was actually his first start at Yankee Stadium, so he was either really nervous or overly amped up. Either way it was real bad.

Carlos Beltran watches inside the park home run

Beltran watching HR

Before elbow issues kept him out of the outfield for much of the year, we had this beauty. Not exactly sure what Beltran was doing there. He was clearly just taking a stroll while the play was happening and then wasn't around to back up Jacoby Ellsbury. This was really depressing to see from him while he was in the middle of such a disappointing season because it looked like he just didn't care. Cool story. This was actually just after he fell over the wall in Tropicana, so who knows if that had something to do with it.

Please vote in the poll below so we can have the pleasure of crowning a champion of suck that will go up against other blogs' own worst nightmares. If we lose, we all win!