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Crowdsourcing Yankees free agent contracts

What contracts do you think Robertson, Headley, and company will receive?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the good folks at FanGraphs do a crowdsourcing project where they survey what the public thinks will happen on the free agent market. They're not interested so much in where the players are going as much as they are in what they will get on the open market. Jason will be doing a free agent prediction post sometime soon, but in the meantime, I thought that it would be a fun exercise to see what people at Pinstripe Alley think the Yankees' batch of well-known free agents will receive during the off-season.

Once they've all signed, we can look back and see how we did at guessing the contracts. Cowds can sometimes be remarkably accurate--the community at FanGraphs thought Ubaldo Jimenez would receive a four-year, $48.8 million contract, and he ended up settling with the Orioles for four years and $50 million. While there are several more examples of shaky guessing, it's definitely amusing when the crowd gets it right.

So here's all you have to do: In the comments, offer up the contract that you think each player will receive. This isn't necessarily what you think they deserve to get, but instead what they seem likely to receive. These also aren't all of the Yankees' free agents, just the ones who are most interesting.

David Robertson

Brandon McCarthy

Chase Headley

Hiroki Kuroda

Stephen Drew

Ichiro Suzuki

Good luck!