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Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

Al Bello

We're big fans of GIFs here at Pinstripe Alley. We post happy GIFs when the Yankees win, sad GIFs when the Yankees lose, and we even have an adorable baby penguin that celebrates victories with us. You can also find GIFs we make on our GIF Twitter account, @PSA_GIFs. Starting this afternoon, we'll be holding a contest for the best Yankees GIFs of the season. Every SB Nation MLB blog will vote on 3-5 GIFs of their team in each category. The guys at SB Nation MLB will select five GIFs from the team site winners in each category for their sort of final round of voting to find the best GIF.

Here are the categories:

Funniest moment - November 3rd
Most regrettable moment - November 5th
Defensive play of the year - November 7th
Most important hit of the year - November 10th
Best pitching appearance of the year - November 12th
Team of the year - November 14th

The results will be posted here on Pinstripe Alley on November 17th. Each post will have a poll at the bottom for you to vote for which GIF you think is the best out of the five that Andrew, Jason, and I have selected for each of the categories. The first of the posts for you to vote on will be up at 5 pm today with the funniest moments. Let me know if you have any questions, and don't forget to vote!