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Pinstripe Q&A: Silver screen Yankees?

Mark Teixeira as the only live action character in "A Bug's Life" could be funny.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees made a trade this week, so I decided to make this week's question topical. Sort of. Okay, not really.

Q: The Yankees just traded for someone named Justin Wilson. There is a 'character' in the Tom Hanks movie Castaway named Wilson. What other famous movie roles/characters do you think various Yankees' players/coaches/etc could play?


Mark Teixeira could probably play a very convincing Capt. James Tiberius Kirk. Rob Thomson could perfectly play the role of "Drinking Bird that falls over!"


Mark Teixeira could definitely play Forrest Gump, but he would have to have his "Foul Territory" persona. Brian McCann would play Lex Luthor (He isn't exactly a role made famous by a movie, I know. Nerds), and he would block Superman's house anytime he tried to enter the front door. Dellin Betances would play the Terminator, and he would come from the future to destroy Stephen Drew before he destroys everything in sight.


Mark Teixeira as Dudley Do-Right

Brian McCann as Smarf

Brett Gardner as Bryan Mills

Gardner taken


Brandon McCarthy as King George in The King's Speech (that makes pitching coach Larry Rothchild Lionel Logue).

Masahiro Tanaka as Batman in Dark Knight Rises- after a great beginning, he's wounded and has to prove to himself he's still capable of winning. Or, he could be like the film itself: a lot of hype, some serious promise, but ultimately delivered less than I hoped for.

Brett Gardner as Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon; unconventional but ultimately successful.

Derek Jeter as Professor X in Days of Future Past; so much less powerful than he used to be. That probably makes Michael Pineda Beast, Jacoby Ellsbury Magneto, and CC Sabathia Cyclops.

The bullpen as the cast of the new Star Trek: David Robertson is Kirk (the leader, but with questions about whether he's ready), Betances is Spock (so much potential, but a little alien). Adam Warren as Scotty (brilliant but trying to hold the ship together and called on to do a lot). They're the part of the team that beats the Injury Bug (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), but doing so still means the rest of the fleet gets wrecked. Featuring a cameo by Hiroki Kuroda as old Spock.


Brian McCann could probably play the baby from Roger Rabbit.


Carlos Beltran could've played LL Cool J's role of Deke in the movie S.W.A.T.

Mark Teixeira as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman

Brett Gardner as Tony Montana in movie classic Scarface

Rob Thomson would fit as Lt. Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun

Matt F.

I'm casting John Ryan Murphy as Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood.

Oil Tycoon Murphy

Alex Rodriguez as MacGruber from the Saturday Night Live spin-off movie MacGruber. In the SNL sketches, MacGruber builds a contraption to disable a bomb seconds away from blowing up, only to get distracted and forget about the bomb. Sadly, that is very much how I feel like next season could go. A-Rod starts solid, but something ridiculous happens leading to a fiery explosion in a clubhouse storage closet. Also, it means seeing A-Rod in a mullet.

I feel like Mark Teixeira could easily be cast as Tom Cruise's character Joel Goodson in Risky Business, as dancing in his underwear to "Old Time Rock and Roll" is probably something he does already. But instead,  I would like to see Tex cast as both the dog and the child from Air Bud.

And here's a quickfire Ocean's 11 Yankee cast:

-Danny Ocean: Derek Jeter (C'mon)
-Rusty Ryan: Mariano Rivera (Ocean's close associate and friend. Gotta be Mo)
-Linus Caldwell: Dellin Betances (Inexperienced, but highly talented)
-Basher Tarr: Aaron Judge (Blows stuff up)
-Frank Catton: CC Sabathia (Doesn't have much to do in the second half of the heist)
-Turk Malloy: Brian McCann (Irritating older brother)
-Virgil Malloy: Mark Teixeira (Dorky little brother)
-Saul Bloom: Yogi Berra (Nice, old guy)
-Ruben Tishkoff: Whitey Ford (The wealthy casino owner has to be "The Chairman of the Board)
-Livingston Dell: Brandon McCarthy (Computer expert)
-"The Amazing" Yen: Brett Gardner (Gardner could probably fit inside a tiny box to sneak into a casino vault if we needed him to)

There are our answers, but now lets see yours. Leave your answers in the comments.