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PSA Comments of the Day 11/15/14: You know Giancarlo, we have this really nice HR porch in right field

The Marlins look like they're going to sign Giancarlo Stanton to one of the biggest contracts in baseball history. It's a shame, because Yankee Stadium has this really nice short porch in right field he'd probably like. Sigh. Pitchers and catchers report in 96 days.


Yesterday we had a lot of COTD and GOTD awards to give out. Today is the opposite of yesterday.

Comments of the Day

LTL with the witty response to El Cruz's age. He's so young and we're so old!

GIF of the Day

This Brian McCann GIF has so many practical uses on Pinstripe Alley.

JRob514 posts a pretty accurate GIF of what our 2014 Predictions looked like. What a year.

Honorable Mod Mention

Caitlin, for reasons! I don't have to explain my actions to you people. LEAVE ME ALONE!!

Fun Questions
  • If Giancarlo Stanton were a free agent this year, what kind of deal would you offer him if you were Brian Cashman?
  • Hot Fruit: Good or Bad? (This is a topic I saw on Twitter today and I'm stealing it for my own lazy purposes.)
Song of the Day

Digital Love by Daft Punk

As always, link us your song of the day!

Baseball is still being played in Japan right now. Meanwhile, College Basketball is back. Hopefully, all your teams did well yesterday. Dreams of Giancarlo Stanton taking advantage of Yankee Stadium's short right field porch are going to have to wait it seems. Damn you, Loria! Did you know that the Yankees still do not have a hitting coach? Good times!

Why don't you play the game?