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PSA Comments of the Day 11/13/14: Best of luck, Francisco Cervelli

Last night, the Yankees traded Francisco Cervelli to the Pirates for Justin Wilson. The Hot Stove is heating up. Pitchers and catchers report in 98 days.

So long, Cervi
So long, Cervi
Rich Schultz
There are a lot of awards below, so you might want to go and get a sandwich. We'll wait... Okay, let's go!

Comments of the Day

David Robertson apparently wants "Papelbon" money. Well, we all want things. He might get it though.

Yesterday, a new member joined our merry little group. Welcome aboard, kfeath21. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Blanky's favorite villain, which is the villain she described as her favorite, is none other than MOJO JOJO!

As the story broke, I think Harlan echoed the thoughts of a lot of Yankee fans. At the very least, a lot of naive, possibly drunk Yankee fans.

Seriously, that better not be a nickname for Gary Sanchez.

Waffles hits the nail right on the head here.

Like Shaun said, we may now see John Ryan Murphy play a more prominent role as the backup catcher behind Brian McCann.

Turns out, he was right about the guy fuming.

Justin Wilson is attempting to woo us with excellent tweetage. Flattery will get you everywhere!

GIF of the Day

We have a few GOTD award to give out today!

I think Andrew is pretty spot on with this GIF. Minus Brian Roberts, of course.

El Cruz believe our Oil Tycoon has struck paydirt. He might be right.

It's time to welcome Justin Wilson into the fold the only way PSA knows how; GIFs and punning up a storm!

So long, Cervi! Thanks for all the good times and the fist pumps!

Honorable Mod Mention

I think, deep down, Waffles knew it was going to be that kind of day today!

Fun Questions
  • Favorite Francisco Cervelli moment?
  • What song do you really enjoy listening to while driving//travelling/taking public transportation
Song of the Day

La Grange by ZZ Top

As always, link us your song of the day!

The Hot Stove is heating up. Francisco Cervelli is Pittsburgh bound and Justin Wilson is on his way. Baseball is still being played in Japan. Football is on tonight. Exciting times, right? Right?

Thou Shall Not Steal