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PSA Comments of the Day 11/10/14: The Japan All-Star Series starts shortly.

The Japan All-Star Series is set to begin shortly. Are you baseball fan enough to tune in at 4AM? Pitchers and catchers report in 101 days.

Otto Greule Jr

Comments of the Day

Yeah, I'm in full agreement with waw on this one. What a waste of a vote, using research and other such nonsense.

Greg is the Word!

Okay, perhaps Bird is the Word. In any case, Happy Birthday Greg Bird. Soon. Hopefully very soon!

Andrew's reaction to this horrific, disgusting, revolting trade proposal that Tanya quoted is very appropriate. It might even be too soft.

GIF of the Day

You can really never go with Ozzie Smith disappearing off the face of the Earth.

Honorable Mod Mention

I'm not quite sure what we need a Pinstripe Alley Penguin Assassin for. Although, I just re-read that trade proposal up above. Yeaaaah, good work Shaun.

Fun Questions
  • What type of food or drink options would you love to see at Yankee Stadium III?
  • Baseball caps: do you wear them?
Song of the Day

As always, link us your song of the day!

There's still no baseball on. However, the Japan All-Star series starts very shortly. Thankfully, MLB Network will be broadcasting the entire series. Are you willing to put up with the time difference just to watch baseball? If you are, here is the schedule. You'll notice the 4AM start time.