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Pinstripe Q&A: Three wishes to spend on the Yankees

I know he's an American League champion, but don't wish for Jayson Nix to return to the Yankees.


There are a lot of things all of us would probably change about the Yankees. Whether it be as small as changing the concession stands or as big as a major front office overhaul, there are somethings we wish were different. Sadly (but probably thankfully), we can't do anything to implement those changes.. But what if we could?

Q: You discover a genie in a Yankees-branded novelty lamp. He gives you three Yankees-related wishes. What are they?


Wish one:
All pitchers will never get hurt and pitch to their capabilities for as long as they are in a Yankee uniform.

Wish two:
All prospects not traded away become superstars.

Wish three:
Yankees are guaranteed one World Series title every 6 years, and will earn a playoff berth forever and ever (it would get boring if I wished for a title every year so I'll take the promised title and enjoy the randomness of baseball the other 5 years).


1st Wish: That Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Ian Clarkin, and Greg Bird become superstars, and become the next four to help lead the Yankees to various titles (I'm allowed to combine all this into one wish).

2nd Wish: Go back in time and make sure the Yankees never move from the old stadium and instead remain there for eternity.

3rd Wish: Make me the GM of the team. That's Yankees related. Right?!

Matt P.

I suppose this is three wishes combined into one, but the answer is simple: three cost-controlled and All-Star caliber talents, either by the farm system, trade, or any other extralegal means. The problem the Yankees are going to face (and have already faced to an extent) is that they can no longer supplement their holes via the free agent market anymore; with the onset of team friendly extensions that buy out the better part of a free agent's career, the Yankees are left hanging, so to speak. I mean, they'll never stop signing free agents, but it becomes much easier to put the finishing touches on a team when you have a few positions that are comfortably and cheaply locked up for a few years as opposed to trying to fill black holes on the team with flawed and expensive free agent options. I don't care how much the Yankees spend--it's not my money--but having a few position players that are dirt cheap and above average gives the Yankees the ability to use their financial might not to keep their heads above water, but to make them undeniable favorites coming into a season.


1) Multivitamin that protects the Yankees' players against injuries
2) Mike Trout traded for Alex Rodriguez
3) Steinbrenner Face replaced by a bronze calzone


Three wishes, huh?
I wish for an outfield of 1935 Joe DiMaggio, 1920 Babe Ruth, and 1951 Mickey Mantle signed to long term, team friendly deals.
I wish for an owner willing to spend a significant share of the team's revenue on the team.
I wish for Yankee Stadium to have its original dimensions so it's a pitcher's park.


My first wish would be a redo of the drafts from 2007-2011. The lack of young, cost-controlled talent has crippled the club the past few seasons.

Wish number two would be used to change the seating configuration of the current stadium. The feel and intimidation factor of the old stadium is missing in the new ballpark.

The final wish would be that Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout were Yankees. The whole short-term outlook would be much better with them in pinstripes.


First wish: Bring back Yankee Stadium II but find a way to give it YSIII's walk around & better food options.
Second wish: A retractable, futuristic dome over the stadium


1) A brand new Yankee minor league system

2) Bring back the old Yankee Stadium, prices and all

3) More Yankee wishes


1. Prevent Thurman Munson's plane crash.
2. Make Robinson Cano resign with the Yankees.
3. Rebuild YS III properly.

Matt F.

My first wish would be for Monument Park to be an actual focal point of the stadium again instead of the dungeon for the restaurant that it currently is. My second wish would be for Aaron Judge to become a legitimately good/great MLB player. He has the total package of dingers and a pun-able name. He's perfect and I need him to become a thing. And my third wish would be for the evil scientists, that the Yankees no doubt employ, to find a gene that can allow human-sized, talking animals to play baseball. You may have never before thought about a giant rabbit playing shortstop for the Yankees but you are now, and admit it: that would be pretty awesome.

Those are our wishes, so now it's your turn. What would your three wishes be? Don't waste them.