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Help us choose the most important Yankees hit of 2014


As we continue our installments of the SB Nation MLB GIF Awards, you can help us determine the most important hit of the Yankees 2014 season. Here are another five GIFs that represent the most important hits of the season; your mission is to choose the most important one. Go.

Derek Jeter's last stand

Jeter finale walk-off

Of course this happened. It was amazing. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cheered, maybe you cried. Maybe you felt every emotion at the same time. Whatever you felt, it was a spectacular and appropriate way to cap off the Derek Jeter Era and it will live forever as a Yankees Classic.

Chase Headley arrives

Headley walk-off debut

The Yankees were hanging around at the trade deadline and they finally made their move for Chase Headley. He arrived midway through the game to provide some game-winning heroics that had us all believing that maybe this was the beginning of a magical run. That didn't happen, but it was still a beautiful moment, if only for Headley's sake.

Brian McCann comes to life

McCann walk-off

After the terrible season he and the Yankees had been having, Brian McCann really came to life in the summer months. His game-winning home run capped off his comeback as a useful baseball player and was part of the team's run for a five-game win streak, their longest of the season. It seemed like everything was clicking right then and there and McCann showed it.

Carlos Beltran saves the day

Beltran walk-off

At the time the Blue Jays were still in first place in the division and the Yankees were only 1.5 games out of first. The Orioles were gaining on the competition and were in reach to overtake the Yankees, but Beltran's home run hampered their plans for one more day. Baltimore ended up taking the series, but at least they needed an extra day to take over second place in the division.

Chris Young mania

Chris Young walk-off

Remember that time Chris Young was amazing? The man hit three home runs in three days and hit .417 that week and it looked like it would never end. By this point in the season it was already too late to hope on anything, but at least Chris Young gave us something to be excited about for a little while. It got him a new contract, so maybe we can see it again next year.

Tell us who had the most important hit of the Yankees season so we can pick the very best one and put it up against the best from every other SBN blog on the network. Pick a good one!