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NLDS Game 3 Open Thread: Nationals vs. Giants, Dodgers vs. Cardinals

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The Nats try to stave off a sweep while the Dodgers and Cards break a 1-1 tie in the only Division Series that definitely won't end in a sweep.

Can you even baseball, Doug Fister? The time is now.
Can you even baseball, Doug Fister? The time is now.
Jeff Gross

There are two NLDS games on tap for tonight, starting with Nationals/Giants at 5:07 on MLB Network. It's do-or-die for the Nats, who finished with the best record in the NL, yet like the Angels face a possible sweep at the hands of a Wild Card team. Doug Fister's a great pitcher to have going for them, but they face a very scary proposition in trying to both win in San Francisco and figure out Madison Bumgarner, who threw a gem of a shutout in the Wild Card game against the Pirates. If the Giants win, they'll head to the NLCS for the third time in five years. If the Nats can survive, they'll play Game 4 tomorrow at 6pm with Gio Gonzalez scheduled to face Ryan Vogelsong.

In the other game, Hyun-Jin Ryu pitches for the Dodgers against the thing known as John Lackey at 9:07 on Fox Sports 1. Ryu will be making his first start since September 12th, as he missed some time with irritation in his shoulder. If he struggles early on, don't be surprised to see Donnie Baseball with the quick hook, as the Dodgers are already in a tricky position of having to win at least one game in St. Louis to necessitate a possible Game 5 back in L.A.

Almost no one outside that weird little section of the Midwest wants to see another NLCS featuring the Cardinals, so go Dodgers go, you are the number one. (Also go Nats so that this postseason doesn't feature three sweeps already.) Who do you have winning these games?

Today's Lineups

Denard Span - CF Gregor Blanco - CF
Anthony Rendon - 3B Joe Panik - 2B
Jayson Werth - RF Buster Posey - C
Adam LaRoche - 1B Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Ian Desmond - SS Hunter Pence - RF
Bryce Harper - LF Brandon Belt - 1B
Wilson Ramos - C Brandon Crawford - SS
Asdrubal Cabrera - 2B Travis Ishikawa - LF
Doug Fister - RHP Madison Bumgarner - RHP

Today's Lineups

Dee Gordon - 2B Matt Carpenter - 3B
Yasiel Puig - CF Randal Grichuk - RF
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Matt Holliday - LF
Matt Kemp - RF Jhonny Peralta - SS
Hanley Ramirez - SS Matt Adams - 1B
Carl Crawford - LF Yadier Molina - C
Juan Uribe - 3B Jon Jay - CF
A.J. Ellis - C Kolten Wong - 2B
Hyun-Jin Ryu - LHP John Lackey - RHP