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NLDS Game 2 Open Thread: Giants vs. Nationals, Cardinals vs. Dodgers

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Kevork Djansezian

The AL teams get today off from the division series to travel, while the NL teams play their second games of the series.

The Giants and Nationals will play the first game, at 5:37 pm EST. Tim Hudson is set to take the mound against Jordan Zimmermann, who just so happened to throw a no-hitter during the last game of the regular season. No biggie.

That game will be followed by the Dodgers and Cardinals at 9:37 pm EST and should be available on MLB Network. Zack Greinke and Lance Lynn are the starters for this one. Things didn't go well for Clayton Kershaw yesterday, but the Dodgers have a chance to tie the series up tonight.

Any chance we see the benches clear two days in a row?