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PSA Comments of the Day 10/30/14: The Giants win the World Series and Madison Bumgarner is unfair.

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The Giants win the World Series. Madison Bumgarner is not fair. Pitchers and Catchers report in 112 days.

Can we have the things in this picture, please?
Can we have the things in this picture, please?
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There are a ton of COTD awards to give out for today!

Comments of the Day

This made no sense to me. It was blue'd, so apparently I was not alone in my thoughts.

Harlan calls out Heyman for being Heyman.

River Ave U reminds us to raise a glass for the final game of the 2014 baseball season. Sigh.

Andrew with yet another reminder of why Brandon McCarthy needs to be re-signed

Michael Brown comes through with the great song reference. Hey, do you know how old that song is now? Sigh.

ElCruz captures this fantastic banter between Yankee prospects. Continue doing well, boys!

He also reminds us that science does indeed rule!

Finally, nicksometing23 reminds us of the painful truth of how terrible Rob Thomson is at his job. He's still on the team...

GIF of the Day

These GIFs are courtesy of Andrew. These were two of the best reasons to watch the Yankees in 2014. We all look forward to seeing this again in 2015.

Honorable Mod Mention

Today's HMM award goes to all the Mods who, during the regular season, brought you the absolute best Yankees coverage on this or any other planet. Give them a round of applause.

Fun Questions
  • Work out a plan to kidnap, acquire, or somehow get Madison Bumgarner on our roster. Robotic construction and DNA samples apply. Annnnnd GO!
  • It's the offseason. First move you want Cashman to make?
Song of the Day

Buy You A Drank by T-Pain

As always, link us your song of the day!

That's it. The 2014 season has come to an end. What an end it was. The Royals and Giants took the World Series to Game 7, and after an incredible pitching performance from Madison Bumgarner, the Giants won 3-2 and once again won the World Series. Better luck next year, Royals. Madison Bumgarner is absolutely unfair. The offseason is now upon us. Feel free to use this as you open thread for the evening. Discuss offseason moves you'd like to happen. Talk about the football game tonight. Think about where you are in this world. Have fun.

Miss you already baseball!