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PSA Comments of the Day 10/28/14: The ultimate must win game for the Royals.

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The World Series is back in Kansas City. The Giants have a 3-2 game lead over the Royals. Tonight's game at Kauffman Stadium could be described as a "must win" game for the Royals. Maybe.

Again, Sluggerrr really might want to get his head checked out. That's not normal.
Again, Sluggerrr really might want to get his head checked out. That's not normal.
Jamie Squire

Today we're trying something new with the COTD thread system. Instead of the usual copy pasting of the award winning posts, PSA is going to experiment* with just linking you to the post in question instead.

*Experiment = the author of this post is not doing this from home and doesn't have access to a computer in which copy pasting award winning posts is easy.

Comments of the Day

Greg Kirkland's embed tweet which contains a Corgi wearing Corgi PJs. Corgi's are awesome. That is all.

Q-TDSK's comment about how good a postseason it has been this year. Even without the Yankees being involved in it once again, the postseason has been pretty exciting. Mostly the American League though. Sorry NL.

ElCruz's perfect name for an A-Rod Blog. Although, LTL might have come up with this name before and ElCruz was stealing it. Either way.

GIF of the Day

This GIF was posted by Shaun in honor of Greg Bird doing Greg Bird things. You can never go wrong with that!

Honorable Mod Mention

Andrew's comparison of Headley's 2014 vs. A-Rod's 2013 wins the HMM award. Well done, Andrew.

Fun Questions
  • Do you think that the World Series is going to Game 7?
  • Favorite form of Fries? (Curly, Crinkle Cut, Waffle, Steak, etc)
Song of the Day

Finland from Monty Python's Flying Circus

As always, link us your song of the day!

So what did you think of the COTD awards in this thread? Do you prefer them to be copy pasted like they normally are, or do you prefer the links?

Tonight is Game 6 of the World Series. This is the ultimate must win game for the Royals, as they are down 3-2 against the Giants. If they lose, that's it. The Giants would win the World Series, and there would be no more baseball till next year. So take this to Game 7, because we are addicted to baseball. Yordano Ventura will take the mound against Jake Peavy.

Go World Series Go Baseball.