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PSA Comments of the Day 10/25/14: The Royals take Game 3. It's good to have a good bullpen

The Royals took Game 3 from the Giants yesterday. Timely hitting, decent starting pitching, and a spectacular bullpen is what lead to their 3-2 win last night. Game 4 is tonight.

It's a scientific fact that all Gregs are excellent.
It's a scientific fact that all Gregs are excellent.
Thearon W. Henderson

Comments of the Day

YanksNetsDevils described why his favorite Yankees' World Series victory was in 1996. It's easy to see from this why it was.

Michael Brown gave Rookie a B- in his article. Matt P & Shaun disagreed with this grade.

GIF of the Day

River Ave U wins the GOTD award with this GIF of a dog posting stuff online. We'll assume he's posting on Pinstripe Alley.

Honorable Mod Mention

Shaun posted a picture with a cat wearing Batman's cape & cowl. This is honorable!

Fun Questions
  • Between the Royals and the Giants, which team has the better mascot?
  • Current favorite piece of technology?
Song of the Day

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

As always, link us your song of the day!

The Royals won Game 3 last night. They defeated the Giants in every which way. Good starting pitching, fantastic outfield defense, timely hitting, and a really good bullpen. Seeing the Royals pen in action makes me hope that the Yankees will lock up David Robertson as soon as possible. Tonight, in Game 4, the Royals will send Jason Vargas to the mound to face Ryan Vogelsong.

Go World Series Go Baseball