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PSA Comments of the Day 10/21/14: The World Series is here. Giants vs. Royals.

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The World Series is finally upon us. Tonight, the San Francisco Giants will face the Kansas City Royals.

Let It Reign
Let It Reign
Rob Carr

Comments of the Day

No comment really stood out yesterday to win the COTD award. Better luck today, PSAers.

GIF of the Day

As Brian Roberts is retiring, Andrew took his time to remember the good Roberts.exe times. This GIF was one of them.

Honorable Mod Mention

Matt P wins the HMM award for this nice photoshop work of Joe Girardi as Popeye the Sailor Man. Well done!

Fun Questions
  • Who are you pulling for tonight: Royals or Giants?
  • You're going out to party: what is your "go-to" outfit?
Song of the Day

I saw Postmodern Jukebox live last night. It was an incredible show. As always, link us your song of the day!

The World Series. The last series of major league baseball until 2015. The Kansas City Royals will face off against the San Francisco Giants. Both teams were Wild Card teams this year. For the Giants, this is their third World Series appearance in the past 5 years. For the Royals, this is their first postseason appearance in 29 years. The stage is set for what should hopefully be an incredible fight to the finish. Tonight, Madison Bumgarner will take the mound in Kauffman Stadium against James Shields.

Go World Series Go Baseball