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ALDS Game 1 Open Thread: Orioles vs. Tigers, Royals vs. Angels

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Mitchell Layton

The ALDS kicks off today in Baltimore and in Los Angeles with the Orioles and Tigers and Royals and Angels facing off for the chance to play for the American League pennant. The Royals won a thrilling game to get to this point while the Orioles and Angels cruised to division titles. Who comes out on top?

Today's Lineups

Ian Kinsler - 2B Nick Markakis - RF
Torii Hunter - RF Alejandro De Aza - LF
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Adam Jones - CF
Victor Martinez - DH Nelson Cruz - DH
J.D. Martinez - LF Steve Pearce - 1B
Alex Avila - C J.J. Hardy - SS
Nick Castellanos - 3B Ryan Flaherty - 3B
Andrew Romine - SS Nick Hundley - C
Rajai Davis - CF Jonathan Schoop - 2B
- HP - HP