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PSA Comments of the Day 10/18/14: Name your three favorite 2014 Yankees because there's no baseball on.

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It's Saturday and there's no baseball on. After the World Series, this will be the norm for a while. For a fun exercise, we invite you to name your three favorite Yankees of 2015.

Miss you already!
Miss you already!
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin the main focus of today's COTD thread, let's get yesterday's info out of the way. First of all, there's only one COTD award to give out. There will be no GIF of the Day or Honorable Mod Mention awards today. Nor will there be any fun questions, except the main question of this thread.

Comments of the Day

Our lone COTD award from yesterday goes to Jcp718 for his description of George Steinbrenner's actions, which is pretty much a spot on response to the classic "If the Boss were here..." statements.

Fun Questions
  • In order, tell us who your top three favorite Yankees of this year were. Please give a brief description as to why they were your favorites. These can include minor leaguers as well as major leaguers.
Song of the Day

Know Who You Are by Pharrell Williams w/ Alicia Keys

As always, link us your song of the day!

The World Series between the Royals and the Giants does not start until Tuesday. These next few days serve as a sad reminder of what having no baseball is like. Soon we'll be in the offseason and we'll see what the Yankees do to prepare for the 2015 season. Until then, I guess we have each other.

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