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We asked, you answered: The best Pinstripe Alley stories of becoming a Yankees fan

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Recounting some of my favorite Yankee fan origin stories.

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post detailing a little bit about how I became a Yankees fan, and I was curious to hear similar such stories. The stereotype is that people just jump on the bandwagon and become Yankee fans due to their great success, but that's not really the case as much as other fans might think. We have origin stories just like ones passed down from any Orioles fan, Astros fan, or those of any other team. I loved reading about each and every one of these tales in that comment thread, and as promised, I picked a couple of my favorites to share with everyone who might not have seen the thread.

long time listener

LTL story

LTL is a regular on the site, but I had actually never seen him share this story before. It's always the coolest to have family roots that go back to the ol' Bambino. The guy was a crazy person, but he loved kids. I've heard stories similar to this before, and it's awesome to see just how much a small gesture like giving your glove to a kid can mean to someone.


LLL story

A bit of an odd username because this story is terrific. I really admire the Yankee fans who toughed it out through both the '80s and early '90s AND the forgettable Horace Clarke Era. That makes the later championships all the more satisfying. Also an amusing anecdote about the Boss showing a friendlier side of him that the general public rarely saw.

don fernando

DF story

Greg selected don fernando's story as one of his Comments of the Day the following day, and it's easy to see why so many people rec'd this comment. Even something as simple as a mom's amusing crush on Tino Martinez can turn someone into a loyal fan, even if he's never been to a game. Here's hoping that he gets to finally go to a game some day! It's something that local fans sometimes take for granted, but is the valued experience of a lifetime for others.


carp story

Tanya has mentioned before how her Yankee fandom developed in part due to a then-nearby Yankees minor league affiliate in North Carolina, and the same thing happened with carp68 in Ohio. The Columbus Clippers and the Yankees indeed had a long association, and while it's better that the Triple-A team is now closer in Scranton, it is too bad that it left some fans like carp68 behind. At least he kept his Yankee fandom and retains memories of the beginnings of several fantastic Yankee careers!


ASB story

Some fan stories are just like this--lost and found again. I'm sure Tanya, Jason, and the rest of the staff would agree that we are very glad to have helped people like aaronshelbyrose rediscover their Yankee fandom. Thanks for sticking with us through the peaks, too.


DK story

In a story of sadness surrounding the ending to that memorable Fall Classic, there is still a beacon of light. It's a damn shame that Gonzo's bloop fell in, but it's excellent that it helped make daankazi a devoted fan also living in a distant market.


CG story

Even more praise should be given to the international fans like calibergemini who decided that the Yankees were a wonderful team to root for from afar, only to have their appreciation for the game deepened upon moving stateside. (My Australian brother-in-law also learned baseball from video games, as I'm sure many others did.) Keep doing what you do to bring on more fans!

Remember, these are just a few of the many great stories from that comment thread. I highly recommend going back to check 'em all out, and if you haven't shared your own story, please do here! It's always fun to see how others came to love the Yankees and the countless different tales.

Thanks everyone for sharing!


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