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Pinstripe Alley's Top 10 contributors of 2013

Happy 2014, Pinstripe Alley. Last year was quite a year for our little site on the internet. Managers were changed, new faces joined both the staff and group of regular commenters, the blog name reverted back to the original Pinstripe Alley after a year's hiatus, and this place grew in ways that blow me away on a daily basis. I think there are nothing but great things ahead for us in 2014 and I hope that you'll continue to stick around for that.

On the subject of 2013, here are a list of top 10 contributors to the site's comments, Fanposts, and Fanshots sections. My biggest hope is that we have even more people vying for those spots on next year's list.

Most Comments
Greg Kirkland 14647
david d 10600
Donut3 8779
long time listener 8609
Andrew Mearns 7638
Tanya Bondurant 6916
Michael T. Brown 6345
waw 5859
Q-TDSK 4926
Jt91thefuture 4568

Geeze, Greg. Give someone else a chance! To make you feel better (or perhaps worse), someone over at McCovey Chronicles commented roughly 45,000 times last year. Someone at Every Day Should Be Saturday, SB Nation's college football blog, was inspired to comment nearly 65,000 times in 2013. Challenge: Accepted? David D is the winner of ultimate round numbers this time around. How pretty.

Most FanPosts
Joe Connor 66
tlsmlieb 31
djoep2000 30
Conor in China 29
alexanderao 17
GavinEwbank 12
Travis L. 10
jeromed4life 8
Go Yankees! 8
jscape2000 6

The FanPost section has always been the place to put down original ideas with a chance to be featured on the front page. So many of us who are on the staff now got our start by writing FanPosts, and these guys were the leaders of that section in 2013. If you have the desire to eventually be a front page writer, or just have something that you want to say (as long as it meets the guidelines for FanPosts), I highly encourage all of you to head to that section and write. There are so many smart commenters here with fantastic ideas about baseball and we are all made better fans by discussing each other's ideas more in depth.

Most FanShots
Andrew Mearns 29
Tanya Bondurant 14
cookiedabookie 2
alexanderao 2
Jason Cohen 2
Ronit Shah 2
Steven Goldman 2
tyler.wasserman 1
wolverine0712 1
Go Yankees! 1

For those of you who were here before the switch to SB Nation's new format, you remember FanShots as a quick little hit of information that would find its way to the front page. If you have an idea to share that doesn't quite meet the standards of a FanPost, put it in FanShots. If you stumble upon something on the internet and want to share it with everyone, FanShot is the way to go. Feel like pimping something you wrote a little? FanShot that too.

Thanks for making 2013 a great year for us here. I know that 2014 can be even better. If you made any of these lists, congratulations! I appreciate your contributions more than I'd ever be able to say. If you're new and want to jump in with hopes of making one of these lists next year, welcome! We're very happy to have you and look forward to chatting with you in the comments.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the night. We have some NFL playoff games for your entertainment, or you can discuss whatever you feel like. If you are watching the playoffs and your team isn't in it (like the Giants :( ) who are you rooting for instead? Have a great night, everyone.