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Yankees sign Masahiro Tanaka: Alternative New York Post covers

Ryan Pierse

The Yankees have done something big, so you better believe the New York Post will be all over it. Their puntastic titles and ridiculous pictures are really just a lovingly awful part of the New York media, but have they finally gone too far? Probably, but they can always find a way to be worse


Masahiro Tanaka in a Japanese bomber. What can possibly be more subtly offensive? I have come up with a few amazingly awful alternatives that the Post could use, so please, if any of the editors are out there, you can call my agent and we can discuss a deal.

1) Have The Yankees Found Their Hiro?


2) Yanks Follow Up On Godzilla With King Ghidorah


3) Japanese Pride: Yanks Find A New Leader


Which do you prefer, PSAers? Let me know, maybe I'll send my portfolio over to the editors! There could be some photoshop scouts out there, so post your best Tanaka pictures in the comment section.