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Tuesday night open thread

Rob Carr

There hasn't been a lot of news in the baseball universe today as most wait for Masahiro Tanaka to decide on his team before Friday's 5:00 pm deadline. Rumors are abundant about which team will ultimately end up with the Japanese right-hander, but the fact that a physical has to be completed before the deadline means we should know more either tomorrow or Thursday.

While we wait for further information, why not hang around and discuss some baseball (or non-baseball) with the rest of Pinstripe Alley? Use this as your open thread for the night and feel free to discuss whatever you'd like.

Questions for the night:

1. Do you watch spring training games or do you wait until Opening Day?

2. If Mark Teixeira's wrist causes him to miss time in 2014, who should play first base in his absence?

3. Who do you think is the starting third baseman for the Yankees to begin the year?

4. Which team do you think has won the offseason so far? How will Tanaka's decision change that?

5. What player currently on the Yankees do you think is most likely to be traded between now and the deadline?