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Alex Rodriguez: The awkward friend

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez is weird. Last week there was a picture circling the internet showing , A-Rod Manny Machado, and Yonder Alonso all hanging out and having a good time at a Jay Z concert. Because apparently Jay Z and baseball go together beautifully.

Is it weird that A-Rod is hanging out with a 21-year-old and 26-year-old at 38? Machado was only a year old when Rodriguez was first drafted. I don't know, that sounds weird to me. Was it weird for them? I imagine A-Rod to be that guy in your group of friends who shows up in social situations and is loud and obnoxious and awkward. You just want him to go home, but you're too nice to say anything, and he's not really a bad guy. This, to me, is Alex Rodriguez, the person. Maybe Manny thinks so too:

So they weren't hanging out. A-Rod walked over, wanted to be one of the guys, said hello and, possibly, made it look like they were all good friends. Hmmm..


Alex Rodriguez might be a baseball god and he makes an amazing millionaire, but he might be one of the most awkward human beings ever.