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Yankees 2013 rookie hazing is here

Jim McIsaac

The Yankees have been known to haze their rookies by making them dress up in ridiculous costumes. Hideki Matsui was a pimp, Chien-Ming Wang and Robinson Cano were cheerleaders, Ramiro Pena was catwoman, Mark Melancon was batman, Phil Hughes was the Tin Man, Joba Chamberlain was the Cowardly Lion, and now it's the 2013 rookies' turn.

Mother of god.

Cesar Cabral is Rick James, David Adams is Vanilla Ice, Preston Claiborne is Billy Ray Cyrus, JR Murphy is Justin Bieber, Hiroki Kuroda's interpreter is Psy and Brett Marshall is Psy's hype man.

I can't wait for the day when Gary Sanchez is Woodstock and Greg Bird is Big Bird.

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