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Yankees injuries: Derek Jeter leaves game & heads for CT on injured ankle

Jeter down!

Rich Schultz

Derek Jeter left today's game against the Red Sox after singling in the sixth inning. He was taken out for a pinch runner and seemingly hobbled off the field. Mark Reynolds came into the game to play third base and Eduardo Nunez moved over to short. It wasn't until later that we learned what really happened to Jeter.

According to Ken Rosenthal, he left the game because of an issue with his surgically repaired left ankle. Joe Girardi confirmed that he took him out because he didn't like the way Jeter was running and is now unsure whether or not he will need an MRI. will now be going for a precautionary CT Scan.

Obviously the extent of his injury isn't known yet, so it's unsure how the team will react to his fourth injury of the year. Depending on how serious Jeter's injury is, this could be the end of the season for him. He's only hit .175/.292/.200 since coming back from his last DL stint, so the Yankees aren't really going to miss his bat. The problem is that they don't have the depth to make up for this loss.

Eduardo Nunez is currently the only player the Yankees have that can play shortstop. Neither Brent Lillibridge or Alberto Gonzalez are on the 40-man roster, but if they DFA someone like Jim Miller or Matt Daley they could quickly get one of them up to the Bronx now that the minor league season is over.


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