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GIFs of the Week: Posing A-Rod, Nunez vs. acid, and Joba-induced sadness

Matthew cooked up some pretty spectacular GIFs this week, so who will win the tight competition?

Rich Schultz

Last week's GIF of the Week was the always-terrifying Girinder laugh. May it haunt your dreams. Here's the best of what Matthew made this week:

9/5: "Paint me, Jack"


Horror. Pure horror. As people have pointed out, who the hell is A-Rod even staring at for so long anyway? What a silly man. He's ridiculous.



Brett Gardner faced a threat... Eduardo Nunez was ruining all the helmets on the team and losing all the baseballs in fielding practice. He had to be stopped, and Gardner did what had to be done, vanquishing Eduardo with his most feared rival. Down he went, like a soon-to-be supervillain who just had acid poured on him.

All Joba games: "She only wanted to be happy"

Look what you've done, Joba. Shame on you.

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