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Twitter on the 2,000 hits club: Alfonso Soriano vs. David Ortiz

Alfonso Soriano joining the 2,000 hit club got a very different reaction from David Ortiz

Winslow Townson

Getting 2,000 hits is not that big of a deal. I mean, it is for a human being. I don't think I could successfully do anything 2,000 times. I don't have the attention span. It isn't uncommon among baseball players though. There are 28 baseball players in history with 3,000 hits or more, meanwhile, there are 275 players with at least 2,000 hits. It's impressive, but not awe inspiring. I guess humans as a species just like nice round numbers so we can place them in a proper category.

Two such players that belong in the 2,000 hit category: Alfonso Soriano and David Ortiz, and the internet has two very different opinions about them.

For Soriano:


For Ortiz:


Huh. How about that.

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