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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 22: Come Sale away

Greg, Tanya, and Andrew are reunited with escapee Jason and are pleased that the Yankees are fully back in the playoff race despite Joba's best efforts.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A baseball podcast for you with the Yankees within a couple games of the Wild Card!

We unfortunately had some technical difficulties when my connection spazzed out and everything from the Tweetbag forward wasn't recorded even though it said it was recording. So we had to record it again, and sadly we missed out on an awesome scenario Tanya envisioned for next year with David Robertson about to enter on Opening Day, the record scratching, "Enter Sandman" suddenly coming on, and Mo entering the game in a comeback. Sigh.

[1:30] The Yankees beat Chris Sale?
[4:30] Sweeps are beneficial for playoff hopes, but they must conquer a familiar(?) foe: a rookie starter with no MLB experience (Erik Johnson)
[6:15] On September call-ups
[7:12] The Yankees' catching future with Murphy, Chris Stewart, Austin Romine, and Francisco Cervelli
[12:41] Cesar Cabral and Dellin Betances
[14:02] Yankees in the playoff race
[15:53] We are still not fans of Joba Chamberlain
[20:53] "Phil Hughes 2 teh pen" is happening! David Huff has his work cut out for him though.
[24:22] Ivan Nova is still in ridiculous mode but Jason forgot him
[26:57] On the big Yankees/Red Sox series
[29:56] Mariano Rivera's final regular season games at Yankee Stadium
[32:00] Hiroki Kuroda slowing down
[37:44] Tweetbag: Who to start in a potential Wild Card playoff, Girardi wants Mo back in 2014?, non-Yankee series to watch
[42:51] Yankee/Mitre of the Week

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