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Sporcle Quiz: Name the entire 2013 New York Yankees roster

We've joked about it the entire season given the roster craziness. It's here.

"I played with who?!"
"I played with who?!"

Day after day and week after week as the many injuries to the 2013 Yankees mounted, the following line about the Yankees' large roster was routinely mentioned. "He'll be one to remember for the Sporcle quiz."

It's difficult enough to remember the entire Yankees roster from a World Series champion team like 2009, but 2013 offers perhaps the greatest challenge yet. The Yankees set a franchise record with 56 different players used during the season: 33 position players and 23 pitchers.

Now, you can all put your memories to the test with the 2013 Yankees' Sporcle quiz, created by me for your own torture. Shudder in horror as you learn how many people played in more games than future Hall of Famers. Sit and scratch your head as you ponder "Who the hell is that?" when the answers are revealed. Then cry because they were all 2013 Yankees, many of whom will be joined in anonymous Yankees history by the likes of Amauri Sanit and Skeeter Shelton.

Have at it, share your results, discuss in the comments!