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Should CC Sabathia have been allowed to reach 200 innings this season?

You decide!

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

CC Sabathia was pretty bad this year, but he still managed to provide 211 innings, which can be a very valuable to a manager and his bullpen. The unfortunate part is that Sabathia was one of the worst pitchers to break the 200 inning marker.

In 2013, 31 pitchers pitched 200 innings or more. Of that group, CC was 25th in WAR (2.7), he had the sixth highest FIP (4.09), and was fourth in HR/FB% (13%). He had the least valuable fastball per 100 pitches (-1.0), 20th in changeup runs per 100 pitches (-0.98), and 24th in curveball runs per 100 pitches (-1.82).

He's also the second least clutch (-1.03) pitcher, with R.A. Dickey being the worse and Hiroki Kuroda actually being the most clutch. On top of that, Sabathia has the worst Win Probability Added (-2.16) out of all 31 of those pitchers, which can only lead to the question of whether or not he should have been allowed to pitched that much in the first place.

So, do you believe CC should have been allowed to pitch all those innings?

Should Joe Girardi be blamed for allowing such an ineffective pitcher to throw all those innings?

Are 200 innings really that valuable, regardless of his performance?

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