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Andy Pettitte likely to announce retirement this afternoon

It looks like we will see Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte go out the door together.


This morning, Joel Sherman reported that he heard rumors from multiple sources about Andy Pettitte possibly planning his final retirement after two years back in the game since his first retirement:

It's sad news because I'm really going to miss Andy Pettitte the player, but ultimately, it's going to be best for both parties. Pettitte has been decent overall this year with a 95 ERA- and a 92 FIP- in a surprisingly mostly-healthy season for a 41-year-old. When he returned on June 3rd from his brief stint on the disabled list, he was horrible for two months, posting a 5.32 ERA in 12 starts with a .316/.344/.457 triple slash against.

Pettitte has recovered, actually pitching to a superb 2.02 ERA in eight starts since then. Rather than serving as a possible indication that Pettitte has something left in the tank, it seems that it will justifiably be viewed as a last hurrah. There's no telling how he would pitch a year older in 2014. No one likes to leave the game struggling like Ken Griffey Jr. and John Smoltz have in recent years. It seems fitting that Pettitte should retire for good the same year as his longtime closer, Mariano Rivera. Yes the stats are silly, but hopefully the tandem gets the opportunity for one more win/save combination at Yankee Stadium before it all ends.

Perhaps they will add Pettitte into Mariano's retirement ceremony in some way. He's pitching on Sunday, the day the Yankees plan on celebrating Rivera. His last start would come in Houston, home of Pettitte's only other career team.


Heyman's confirming it. The Yankees' second-greatest starting pitcher of all time is all but gone. Brace yourselves, the feels are coming.

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