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Derek Jeter's season over with another DL stint

As per Brian Cashman, Derek Jeter is heading back to the DL. This time it's permanent, as he is being shut down for the rest of the regular season.

Best wishes to you, Captain.
Best wishes to you, Captain.
Nick Laham

Brian Cashman announced during a press conference today that Yankees SS Derek Jeter has been placed back on the DL. This move will end his 2013 season.

Shutting Jeter down for the remainder of the year is the right thing to do for both the Yankees and Derek Jeter. This will give the captain the rest of this season and the off-season to fully heal. For those thinking that Jeter might retire this year, Cashman has already stated that he expects to see Derek Jeter in pinstripes next year.

With Jeter's nightmare season finished and Eduardo Nunez a defensive nightmare at SS, this pretty much explains why the Yankees traded for SS Brendan Ryan last night. Whether or not they got him because they knew Jeter was done for the year or not remains to be seen. The downside is that Brendan Ryan is not eligible to make the postseason roster, as he was traded for after August 31st. This mean that if the Yankees do manage to make it into the postseason, Nunez or someone else within the system will be playing SS.

Jeter fully expects to be playing next year. For now though, he will continue to cheer his teammates on. Our best wishes to Derek Jeter for a strong recovery for next year.

More on this story as it develops.