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Yankees lineup vs. Orioles; A-Rod, Brendan Ryan, the Wild Card, and injury updates

Alex Rodriguez is still in one piece, Brendan Ryan is the starting shortstop, some injury updates, and the Yankees are in position to gain some ground in the Wild Card race.

Please stay healthy.
Please stay healthy.
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees continue their four game series against the Orioles tonight. Andy Pettitte will face off against Scott Feldman, from across the hall.

Alex Rodriguez is apparently healthy enough to DH tonight, which is a promising sign that he is okay. The Yankees can ill afford to lose his bat in the lineup right now. Mark Reynolds will handle third base duties tonight, as the Yankees can ill afford to have David Adams bat in the lineup right now. Newly acquired defensive shortstop Brendan Ryan is making his Yankees debut tonight, hitting 8th in front of sadly acquired defensive warlock Chris Stewart. Brendan Ryan hitting in front of Chris Stewart says all that needs to be said about why J.R. Murphy should get a chance to start this game.

In today's Wild Card news, the Kansas City Royals defeated the Cleveland Indians today 6-2. A Yankees victory tonight would push them ahead of both Baltimore and Cleveand in the standings. If the Tampa Bay Rays lose tonight against the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees would only be one game behind the Rays for the second Wild Card position. In addition, as of this post the Pirates are currently beating the Rangers 4-2.

In "screw you 2013" injury news, David Robertson claims that he is available to pitch tonight while Boone Logan says that his elbow is not feeling better. It is possible that we might not see Logan for the remainder of the year, which means that Cesar Cabral might be more useful than ever.

Jim Miller has been DFA'd. Still no word yet on the PTBNL in this trade.

Finally, the Yankees and Orioles, in addition to all MLB teams, will be commemorating the events on September 11th, 2001 with on-field tributes in remembrance to all those who were affected by the tragedy.

UPDATE: Derek Jeter is permanently going on the DL, as per Brian Cashman. More on that story as it develops.