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Yankees GIFs of the Week: Nova, Nix falls, and fan irritation

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The winner of last week's GIF of the Week was Hiroki Kuroda's fist pump... because #HIROK willed it. Now on to this week's mess:

8/3: Nova pumped against the Padres

In what was sadly the Yankees' only win on the last week, Ivan Nova dominated the Padres over seven innings, finishing up with this called K and small cost pump. More of this Nova going forward, please.

8/7: "Pinch-runner" Nixed

Jayson Nix entered Wednesday night's game in extra innings as a pinch-runner for Austin Romine. On a bloop single by Brett Gardner, he went halfway to second and fell down. Yes, a Major League Baseball player fell down. If ever there was a GIF to sum up the 2013 Yankees' season, it's this one. Even Alexei Ramirez is laughing at us.

8/7: Young Yankee fan is over this team

The Yankees were an out away from winning Wednesday night's game in the 12th inning when Adam Warren jumped on a comebacker and deflected what would have been an easy groundout to end the game. The White Sox of course went on to win on a single and a walk-off two-run triple. This team... this team.

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