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Yankees off-day open thread

Another day will go by without a Yankee win. Well, let me try that again... The Yankees will not lose today! Let's all try to have an optimistic Thursday night.


The Yankees are off on another Thursday, but that does mean we can't lose tonight right? Or maybe 2013 will throw something new at us today, but let's not worry about that. Tonight's game thread will be focused on the positives. If you can't find any positives in baseball... well there are plenty of preseason NFL games to talk about (Go Rams). The Yankees will resume their season tomorrow night against the Tigers in the Bronx where Mr. SuperNova will take the mound against Rick Porcello. For tonight's schedule, Lester and Chen face-off in Kansas City while Ryu and the Dodgers try to take a series win in Busch Stadium.

Some questions for the night:

1. Will the Yankees make the playoffs this season? (At least for tonight, the correct answer is yes)

2. What is your favorite Yankee comeback of all-time?

3. With the game on the line, which MLB player do you want in the batter's box?

4. Who would you take first in a fantasy football draft this season?

5. Should college athletes get paid?

And... GO.