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Donald Trump comments on Alex Rodriguez, doesn't know what he's talking about

Andrew Redington

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren asked Donald Trump what he thought about Alex Rodriguez's suspension and he had quite a lot to say and none of it made much sense.

I think it's great, look, he's been taking this stuff all of his life when he stopped taking it he became a lousy baseball player, or certainly just less than average. I think it's great ... and it sets an example, and he's not very popular in new York, nobody likes him.

So, according to Trump, A-Rod has been taking steroids since the moment he was born. He also says that when he stopped taking them, if he ever really did, he became a bad baseball player.

When exactly did he become bad at baseball again? Since he became a full-time player in 1996 he has never had a season less than 2.0 WAR. Even in 2012, when he put up his worst season because of injury, he was still an average player.

"He lives in my building, Derek Jeter likewise. Many of the Yankees and many of the players lived in my buildings, and I can tell you the ones that people like and the ones that the people don't like. If I say to the doorman what do you think of Derek, ‘well we love Derek.' If I say what do you think of A-Rod, it's like ‘forget it.'

If Trump actually ever talks to his employees, he gauges the will of the people off his doormen. That's a great barometer and just really bizarre.

"So look, he deserves what he gets, he's been doing this for a long time and frankly I don't understand the Yankees. The Yankees should have stopped paying him two years ago because obviously on the contract what he signed was not what they were bargaining for. So I don't understand why the Yankees kept paying him, but maybe they're very generous, who knows."

I don't think he knows how Major League Baseball contracts work. You can't just choose not to pay him and win out. Trump is a businessman, doesn't he understand how the fine print of a contract works?

Clearly this man is on another plane of existence, or maybe it's just another planet.

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