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Johnny Damon: Alex Rodriguez suspension diminishes 2009 World Series Championship

Rob Carr

Johnny Damon just can't keep his big mouth shut. MLB states they have evidence A-Rod has used PEDS every season since 2009. Now, in the wake of Alex Rodriguez's PED suspension, Damon says that if he used performance enhancing drugs it greatly diminishes the value of the Yankees' 2009 World Series Championship.

Damon specifically said:

"I mean, then you start saying, ‘Well was anybody on their team cheating?' There's just so many different factors that determine if a team wins, and A-Rod was such a determining factor. He was the MVP of the ALCS, so yeah, he played a huge part, and over the years, a lot of guys that have been winning awards, I mean, they're linked to something."

Saying the actions of one man renders an entire team's accomplishments to be illegitimate is unfair. Many players had a big part in that championship run and Damon is essentially disregarding their contributions. Damon himself was on that team, so is he saying that he should give back his ring? He should be quiet before people start thinking that that's something that should happen.

After claiming in the spring that he would fill in for the injured Curtis Granderson for a month, take minimum wage, and then retire, maybe it's time for Johnny Damon to just stop talking. A reunion with the Yankees of any kind is not going to happen. Trashing the organization, however unintentionally, is not going to help his case.

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