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Yankees lineup vs. White Sox; Alex Rodriguez officially files appeal

Jonathan Daniel

The Yankees have no lost two games to one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball, the Chicago White Sox. CC Sabathia takes the mound tonight, so it doesn't look too good for our heroes, but they'll throw out a lineup anyway and hope they can manage to not get swept.

Brett Gardner leads off, as usual, and the struggling Alfonso Soriano bats second. Alex Rodriguez return to the field, playing third base and batting third, while Robinson Cano bats cleanup again. Vernon Wells is the designated hitter, while Curtis Granderson plays right field. Eduardo Nunez is at shortstop, Lyle Overbay plays first base against a lefty, and Austin Romine gets into another game. With the amount of playing time he's getting, either Romine is finally proving to Girardi he should be playing or Chris Stewart is dehydrated.

Alex Rodriguez has officially filed his appeal of the 211-game suspension he was hit with on Monday. He had until Thursday before his three-day window to appeal expired and he would be unable to play until 2015. Michael Weiner, the leader of the MLB Players Union believes A-Rod should have appealed such a harsh punishment while all other offenders get a 50-game suspension. He would have supported A-Rod's decision to accept a settlement if MLB agreed to shorten the amount of games. The appeal process will likely take until November or December, so we have plenty of time to discuss this matter until we all hate it.

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