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Alex Rodriguez vs. Bud Selig: The Frustrating Tale of Biogenesis

If A-Rod was on the same list as the other 12 players, why does he get a worse suspension?

Patrick McDermott

In case you haven't heard, Alex Rodriguez has been suspended through the 2014 season by Bud Selig and MLB. Rodriguez was listed along 11 other players in the Biogenesis report for being linked to PED use. The other offenders are being suspended 50 games while the Yankee third-baseman could miss up to 211. I will try to take you through both sides of the suspension while making an argument for why or why not A-Rod deserves what was handed down to him.

Bud Selig and MLB

Alex Rodriguez is a jerk. He is one of the players that makes my job of being commissioner miserable. He cheats, admits to being a cheater, cheats again and then lies about it to frustrate me because everyone is out to get me. Now, we finally decide a way to get him out of my league for a year and a half. These 12 players broke the rules and they had to be suspended. The rules state 50 games for the first time offenders. Players like Nelson Cruz and Everth Cabrera are good guys. They never failed a drug test, they just made mistakes and had bad connections. They still deserve punishment but we feel like the 50 game suspension is plenty. Rodriguez is another story. He tried to obstruct and frustrate our office while we were trying to figure everything out. And now we hear he is going to be the only one to appeal. Knowing this system, it will probably take a couple of months just for the appeal process.

I mean, COME ON! Can't we all just agree that this guy is a lying cheater. His own fans don't even like him. Most players want him out of the game for good. Let's wash him out over the next two years and he won't be any good when he comes back.

Alex Rodriguez

This is just as frustrating to me as it is for anyone else. I agree that we need to get rid of all PEDs in the game, that's a must. But I mean seriously, 211 games?! What did I do? I spoke my mind here and there. Since when was speaking out for what I think is right against the rules? Why can't more people take my side?

THANK YOU, MICHAEL FUNNY NAME. Bud Selig hasn't acted appropriately since he met me. It can't be all my fault. I know I cheated but I've put that behind me, who cares. I just want to play baseball for the next five, ten or twenty years that my body and mind will let me. I'm ready to play. Let me enjoy my flight to Chicago. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Well that was fun. As fans, we all just need to face the fact that blame cannot be put on either party for how all this has gone down. Whether you love or hate A-Rod, he probably cheated. And whether you love or hate Selig, he could've handled this whole situation better as the Commissioner.