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Derek Jeter to the disabled list again, again

Denis Poroy

Hey look, Derek Jeter is on the disabled list again. Everybody take a drink! He broke his ankle last year and finally returned on July 11 to play one game and injure his quad. After getting of the DL for a second time he played another four games and then was benched for two days after straining his calf. Now he's going to the DL for a third time this season.

At this point it looks like Jeter's career is coming to an end as the 39-year-old Captain can't stay on the field. After a devastating ankle injury the Yankees should have taken it easy on him, but he was pushed and it ended in disaster. Jeter has said that the 2013 season has been a nightmare, and it has been, for him and the team, but it doesn't look to be getting much better, even with Alex Rodriguez returning to the lineup.

Brent Lillibridge has been designated for assignment to make room for A-Rod on the 40-man roster, the Jeter move will get him on 25-man roster, and David Adams will come up to fill the remaining roster spot.

The Yankees continue to gain one and lose one as the law of averages continues.

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