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Alex Rodriguez likes dogs, not a monster


People believe that Alex Rodriguez is an inhuman monster, but sources confirm that he's just a very flawed person after all. He cheated on his wife, cheated on baseball, and has probably pissed off more people than possible without actually doing it on purpose, but a very real, very human moment was captured during his Saturday rehab game with Double-A Trenton Thunder. A-Rod, a villain's villain, likes dogs:

Aww look at that puppy! That right there is Derby, Trenton's bat dog, and he looks to be fetching A-Rod's not-corked bat for him.

Only monsters without a heart could hate a cute puppy doing adorable things, but, from the looks of this picture, there is now evidence to believe that A-Rod might actually possess one. I mean, look at that playful smile and look of glee as Derby goes about his little doggy duty and carries on. He doesn't know who Alex Rodriguez is and he doesn't care, he just likes pets and wants to be loved. I'll bet Alex Rodriguez at least likes dogs.

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