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Biogenesis suspensions expected to be announced at noon Monday

Drew Hallowell

After an enormous amount of waiting, the most definitive deadline on the Biogenesis suspensions announcement has finally been made. By no means will tomorrow's announcement be the end of the matter, especially if Alex Rodriguez appeals any suspension like he is expected to. At least there will be a small bit more information than all the speculation we've been hearing for months now.

So, there's that. Rodriguez is one of the only players expected to appeal the suspension decision, likely because he is the player facing the harshest punishment. The Yankees are playing at 8:10 pm tomorrow in Chicago against the White Sox, and it appears that A-Rod has a decent change of being in the lineup.

That seems to suggest that Rodriguez will be suspended purely under the Joint Drug Agreement and not the CBA, as has been threatened multiple times. A-Rod would be allowed to play through his appeal, however long that takes.

There is still about two and a half hours for A-Rod to work out a possible settlement with MLB that would allow him a lesser suspension in return for an agreement to not appeal the decision. MLB refused negotiations yesterday after Rodriguez's post-game comments in Trenton on Friday night and nothing appears to suggest that they will settle before today's 6:00 pm deadline.

WFAN's Sweeny Murti thinks that A-Rod being able to play through an appeal would be a worst-case scenario for Rodriguez's Yankee teammates. Distractions are often downplayed when it comes to professional athletes, but Murti would likely know better than you or I what the feelings in the clubhouse are like.

Distraction or not, it sounds like the circus will be in full swing tomorrow afternoon.

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