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Derek Jeter, Michael Pineda, and David Phelps all facing injury reevaluations

And the Yankees were having such a good year on health, too!

"You need a better masseuse, Michael."
"You need a better masseuse, Michael."
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Breaking news: 2013 has not been a healthy year for the Yankees' players. The latest in a season chock-full of busted hips, backs, shoulders, ankles, quads, and mental well-being:

Due to this calf injury and some quad soreness, Derek Jeter was scheduled to be on the bench for the remainder of the DH-less series against the Padres after limping through Friday night's game. The MRI could just be precautionary as the Yankees don't want to take any chances of Jeter getting seriously injured again. Nonetheless, Joe Girardi could not rule out a third DL stint if Jeter has to rest to recover. Beat writer Andy McCullough mentioned the darkly amusing possibility of Alex Rodriguez replacing Jeter on the roster if Jeter does need a DL stint and A-Rod is allowed to play on Monday against the White Sox through a grievance.

If the plays, Jeter will almost surely need significant DH time in the White Sox series since they want to use him against the three lefties in a row. The Yankees and their fans will anxiously await the MRI results and hope the Captain doesn't need further time on the DL in this ugly season. Jeter's setback wasn't the only injury casualty in Sunday news. IT GETS BETTER!

The Yankees have been extremely cautious with Pineda in his rehab starts with Scranton as he recovers from serious shoulder surgery on his torn labrum from early 2012. He has not thrown more than five innings in any start, and he was pulled after just two innings and 29 pitches in his most recent appearance on August 2nd. The shoulder was unfortunately the cause of the early hook, and the Yankees will also have to just hope that the shoulder stiffness isn't a precursor to any serious setbacks on Pineda's shoulder. He will probably stay on the shelf until the Yankees can be sure that his shoulder is okay.

At this point, it really would not be surprising to see them simply shut down Pineda for the remainder of the season as a precautionary measure. For him, 2013 was always going to be Year Two of rehab from a surgery that has ultimately been a career-ender for many pitchers, with a chance for apperances in the majors if all went well. However, If they have to focus on 2014 for his Yankees debut, then so be it.

Injured starter David Phelps will also see a doctor on Monday for soreness in his elbow that caused him to miss his scheduled rehab start in Trenton today. He's been on the DL since early July and recently made a pair of rehab starts, so it appeared he was close to returning to the Yankees in at least a bullpen role. It doesn't appear that is meant to be though; like with Pineda, the Yankees will ensure his elbow soreness is not a precursor to Tommy John surgery or anything like that.

We would like to formally invite you all to Chicago tomorrow, as the PB/PA writing staff invades the Yankees' clubhouse to bubblewrap Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, Mariano Rivera, and anyone else remotely valuable.

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