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Yankees lineup vs. Orioles: Cano is back, Romine is starting, Hughes being skipped

Barring any problems during batting practice, Robinson Cano is starting tonight. Austin Romine & Mark Reynolds are also in the lineup. Phil Hughes may not be starting this weekend after all.

It's like this meatballs is orbiting my head.
It's like this meatballs is orbiting my head.
Denis Poroy

Robinson Cano is back in the lineup and playing second base tonight against the Orioles. This could change depending on what they see from him during BP, but for right now feel free to breathe a sigh of relief. Some other important things to note in this lineup is that Austin Romine is starting behind the plate over Chris Stewart and Mark Reynolds is starting at first base over Lyle Overbay against a right-handed pitcher. It is a promising thing to see in what is a very crucial series for the Yankees.

In more stunning news, it appears that Phil Hughes may not start this weekend in Camden Yards. Whether he is being pushed back to start against the Chicago White Sox or if he's being skipped all together is currently unknown at this point. Who will start in his place is also unknown. They could very well go with the Adam Warren and David Huff combination again in some way, shape, or form. Girardi will have more details later tonight regarding this new development.

Update: Andy is, in fact, starting over Hughes on Sunday