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Yankees Off-Day Thread: Wild Card scoreboard watching

Lots of baseball and the beginning of football. And no Yankees loss. What more could we ask for?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers and Angels have both helped out the Yankees already today with wins over Oakland and Tampa Bay. Other games to watch for tonight have first pitches scheduled for 7:10 EST. The Red Sox host the Orioles tonight trying to complete a three game sweep. The Indians finish up a series in Atlanta tonight, trying to avoid the sweep before a crucial weekend series in Detroit.

As there is plenty of baseball to watch, tonight marks the start of college football season. I know there are several here that care about their teams so it won't hurt to have part of this thread dedicated to the games tonight. Ole Miss and Vanderbilt kick off the SEC campaign following the South Carolina-North Carolina on ESPN. Utah and Utah State play the first game on Fox Sports 1 at 8 EST. USC travels to Hawaii for the late night game that does not kick off until 11 EST.

A few questions to ponder for the night:

1) Will the Yankees need a sweep this weekend to stay in the playoff hunt?

2) Who has a better chance of collapsing - Oakland or Tampa Bay?

3) What five teams will make the playoffs from the National League?

4) If you could only watch one college game this Saturday, what would it be?

5) Should Jadeveon Clowney be the Yankees new catcher?