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Cano leaves game after hit by pitch

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano left tonight's game against the Blue Jays after getting hit in the hand by J.A. Happ in the first inning. He was able to stay in the game after Steve Donohue checked out his hand, but after Alfonso Soriano hit a three-run home run directly after his at-bat, he was pulled from the game. Eduardo Nunez replaced him at second base in the bottom of the first when the Yankees went out on defense.

Happ had previously broken Curtis Granderson's arm in spring training at the beginning of the year, so if Cano is seriously injured, you can blame everything on him. At this point, the season rests on the structural integrity of Cano's hand. If it's broken, that would mean the season for him, like it did Jayson Nix. The Yankees offense needs their best hitter, so that would likely be the season for them when they're still several games out of a playoff spot.

Yankee hitters have seemingly gotten hit and injured by baseballs several times this season. Granderson was hit twice and broke a bone both times, Nix broke his hand, and even Francisco Cervelli broke his hand off a foul tip from behind the plate.

We're all waiting to hear word on Cano's X-rays.


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