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This week in GIFs: Nova twerks; Girardi responds; A-Rod does ill

In which we consider how, if at all, mankind is capable of playing baseball at a high level.

I began my service in the GIF trade as a humble serf under the tutelage of greater men. And then the elders of Planet GIF came to me in a vision and boomed, "Seek thee a greater audience!" I struggled to parse their complex Shakespearean code. But now I find myself before you here, following their will, clutching tight these GIFs I have been told to bestow upon you. Join me as we beat the road to GIF infinity.

Ivan Nova Reverse Twerking


It’s good to see that we’re finally getting down to the important topics on this blog. (Meanwhile, John Sterling complains about the Rays’ choice of music and tries to hand the sound engineer a Guy Mitchell record.)

Utility GIF: Mo Chewing Gum


I trust you will deploy this utility GIF only when the most riveting of comments is posted.

That’s Not Baseball, Andruw Jones


"The spirit of Babe Ruth sat on me," explained Jones after the game. "I just wish I knew why."

That’s Not Baseball, Pete Kozma




I know Puig and Mattingly have had their beef, but really, Donny calling for this out-and-out mugging in the dugout is surely going too far.

Joe Girardi Fields Your Tactical Advice

Joe, is it the best idea to be batting Nunez second against lefty starters? I know you want the platoon advantage and all, but let’s not pretend like Nunez is an accomplished hitter.


Joe, don’t you think Romine should be starting more games than Stewie at this point? In the month of August Romine has hit .308; Stewart .229. Batting average tells the story—I don’t even need to turn to cybermetrics for this one. Sure, Stewart hit that home run a few days ago (those miniature battery-powered fans you guys gave out at the gates really did the trick), but I hardly think that one display of offensive prowess merits him extra consideration.


Joe, regarding Joba’s appearance in anything but mop-up detail: color me confused. Why inject Joba into a tie game only to sky crane him out as soon as he allows a baserunner?


And one for the road:


f——n’ arod 4


From the New York Post

A-Con: Sorry, Blame It on Him
Gritty play by selfless Crisp can’t stop four bases for the four flusher

That’s all for now. The plan is for us to be back with regularity—at least once a week if not more—so keep an eye out here and follow us on Twitter @YankeesGIFs for more updates. If you missed my three previous installments, you can find them here (in which A-Rod slays a man), here (in which Godfather Joe calls for a hit), and here (in which A-Rod directs traffic out on the field).

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